Frequently asked questions

About the free website initiative

On what platform does Ohkie build my free website?

WordPress. All free websites are built on WordPress. You can learn more about WordPress here.

Do we own the website once it's done being developed?

Yes and no. Technically you own it because we give you full access to the backend, allowing you to do practically anything you want. The “no” part lies within your two-year hosting plan agreement: only until your commitment is complete can you move your website to another host.

How long does it take to build my free website?

Typically, we begin the free website build after 2 weeks of sing up. This gives our account managers time to collect all the necessary content, do proper research and determine the best course of action for your particular brand and build. No two websites are alike… After the two week prep period, we begin development. If the website is a simpler, portfolio or landing page site, we can have it ready for review as quickly as that same or the following week. If it’s eCommerce, membership or other dynamic website, you’d be looking at about 2-6 weeks from the time we begin development. As a general rule though, it should not take more than 2 months. Unless, you have a very elaborate website. The sweet spot is about 5 weeks from sign up. Although, we do offer a rush options as well.

Do you continue to maintain the site after it's launched for free?

No. Only the initial build is free. Once you are happy and the site goes live, the “free” initiative stops. Then, you can hire us to further develop or you can use your own developers.

Do we have to use Ohkie developers when hosting with Ohkie?

No. We do not hold you hostage. We are first and foremost a hosting company. We allow access to anyone who you give the green light on. We invite you to use us for all your development needs, but do not force it, nor push it upon our clients in anyway.