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We are on a mission to build custom websites – for free!

Here’s a glimpse of the types of sites that we build, at no cost to you:

Landing Pages

Single page websites, also known as landing-pages that beautifully showcase your business or service.

Portfolio Websites

Multi-page portfolio websites to boast about your company in all its glory. Tailored to meet your needs.

eCommerce Websites

Jump-start your eCommerce dreams with a fully functional website that comes packed with a robust shopping cart.

Membership Websites

Fully customizable membership websites for organizations and nonprofits. Built to collect recurring fees.

Hmm, so what’s the catch? Well, there is none, actually. All that we require is that you host the website with us for the first two years.

We are not even certain that this can be considered a catch at all, because, one way or another, you need a host for your website. Look at it as a car manufacturer giving away a free automobile. You, in turn, promise to use their gas stations to fill up your tank thereafter. You need gas anyway, right?

Every website on the net needs Hosting. Ohkie specializes in web hosting. In exchange for your free website, we simply ask you to host with us for the first two years.

That’s really it! Nothing more; nothing less.

Here’s how the process works…

Step 1
Choose a hosting tier adequate for your anticipated visitor threshold, and sign up. Monthly payments and a hosting plan begin with the new website’s inception. Our IT department will deploy a private server for your new project.
Step 2
Fill out our form, below, with all the information that we need to build your website. Make sure that you let us know what email you used when you signed up for the hosting plan so that we can confirm your eligibility for deployment.
Step 3
We will respond within 24 business hours. Your email will detail your build’s project scope and timeline. Your dedicated project manager will keep in touch with you online through the completion of your project.
That's it. It is that simple! With decades of combined experience, our team of developers will complete your website within 1-8 weeks, depending on scope and demand. During peak demand, it can take one to two weeks to get started, but, by being on the waiting list, you’ve locked in your free website. Once we’ve completed your project, we want your feedback to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Production Process

Here are the steps we take to develop your site:

Defining website requirements

Email Correspondence

After you've selected a hosting plan and filled out our contact form, we will get in touch with you, via email, to define the website requirements. Using the information you give us, we will unite the ideal website features and prepare to build.

Website Development

Ohkie designers and coders start cracking away

With the website requirements outlined, we begin development. Our designers and developers will determine how to best showcase your business, keeping your marketing and branding in mind.


Tell us how we are doing!

Once we complete the initial bulk design and development, we will send you the URL to get your feedback. You should take some time to review the site so that you can give us concise, effective feedback. That’s the best way of taking advantage of your first free round of development and ensuring that your second round (the final round of two free rounds) yields the content you envisioned.

Coding & Development

Once again

At this stage, we will employ all your feedback, to refine your website to match your vision, completing its development.

Website Launch

Domain setup

Once you are satisfied with your website and approve it, we will activate your custom domain so that you can put your live business website to use!

So… What’s in it for us? The short answer: Exposure!

When you build your website with Ohkie, you will live our design and development experience, and we’re sure that you will tell your friends, family, and colleagues about us. That’s what’s in it for us: we gain your trust and market exposure.

What more can a business ask for in the 21st century? Needless to say, we offer a wide range of high-end digital services aside from our free offering. We feel confident that by earning your trust and building relationships, you will honor us by adopting our other services down the road.

The Fine Print

So what, exactly, do we include (and not include) in this deal? Of course, to sustainably offer free websites and keep providing our clients with quality services, we want to clarify what we do and do not include in our free website build.

We clearly want your business to use and enjoy our free offers. Just so that we don’t give away a leg when we’re offering a toe, Here’s where we delimit the model that we can build on, to ensure that we continue to provide quality services to all of our clients.

Of course, we stated some limits above: the free initial build and the free website modifications, based upon your feedback, to leave you with a satisfying product. We are proud and excited about offering that for free.

Anything outside of this limit, we will gladly provide, but as a paid add on, and we’re keeping our prices modest for all customers who put their free website on our servers.

  • Up to 6 custom designed pages on the portfolio, eCommerce and Membership websites. Each additional page costs $200.
  • Up to 6 sections per page. Each additional section is $50.
  • 2 full rounds of revisions. Each additional round of revisions is $100.
  • For eCommerce sites: up to 100 products. $100 extra for each additional 100 items.


Do we own the website once it's done being developed?

Yes and no. Technically you own it because we give you full access to the backend, allowing you to do practically everything you want. The “no” part lies within your two-year hosting plan agreement: only until it’s paid in full can you move your website to another host. 

On what platform does the Ohkie team build my free website?

WordPress. We build all free websites on WordPress. To learn more about WordPress, click here.

How long does it take Ohkie experts to build my free website?

Time to deployment depends on demand, as well as, the type of website we build for you. Typically, we can complete your website within four weeks. In some cases, though, it can extend to eight weeks.

Ready for your free website?

If you’re ready for your free website, choose a hosting plan and after you sign up, fill out the
contact form below. it’s really that simple!

Hosting Plans

Choose a hosting plan to get started

  • Small

  • $30/Month
    • Managed Virtual Private Server
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • SSL Certificate
    • Weekly Backups
    • Server, SSL and URL Up-Time Monitoring
    • 7 Day Per Week US-Based Support
    • 1-10K Monthly Visitors
    • 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk, 2 TB data transfers

  • Medium

  • $50/Month
    • Managed Virtual Private Server
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • SSL Certificate
    • Weekly Backups
    • Server, SSL and URL Up-Time Monitoring
    • 7 Day Per Week US-Based Support
    • 10-50K Monthly Visitors
    • 1 vCPU, 3 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD disk, 3 TB data transfers

  • Business

  • $125/Month
    • Managed Virtual Private Server
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • SSL Certificate
    • Weekly Backups
    • Server, SSL and URL Up-Time Monitoring
    • 7 Day Per Week US-Based Support
    • 50-200K Monthly Visitors
    • 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD disk, 4 TB data transfer

  • Enterprise

  • $250/Month
    • Managed Virtual Private Server
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • SSL Certificate
    • Weekly Backups
    • Server, SSL and URL Up-Time Monitoring
    • 7 Day Per Week US-Based Support
    • 200K-1M Monthly Visitors
    • 4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD disk, 5 TB data transfer

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