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Hi, there!

We are on a mission to build custom websites – for free!
Here’s a glimpse of the types of sites that we build, at no cost to you:

Single page websites, also known as landing-pages that beautifully showcase your business or service.

Multi-page portfolio websites to boast about your company in all its glory. Tailored to meet your needs.

Jump-start your eCommerce dreams with a fully functional website that comes packed with a robust shopping cart.

Fully customizable membership websites for organizations and nonprofits. Built to collect recurring fees.

Managed hosting

Ohkie provides top of the line private hosting services for clients worldwide. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and tailor-made hosting experience, you found it. You'll wonder why you've ever put up with traditional hosting.



In all areas of project or service development, we begin with design. Whether for a product, graphic image, or conceptualization, every project starts with design. A design materializes, as a layout, from an understanding of the client concept. With the layout on the project table, it centers the designer on the canvas that becomes the project blueprint: concise, analyzable, trustworthy, and even beautiful.



With the design blueprint defining and delimiting the project space, development begins. Code, color and content come together as the actual website or application build initiates. When development means turning blueprint specifications into a physical product, that means getting it warehouse-, eCommerce-, or retail shelf-ready.



Finally, marketing gets developed products and services in front of customers and clients. Well-designed and executed marketing strategies reach qualified consumers: people and businesses that need or want specific products and services. That’s when businesses gain and explore leads to turn a profit.

Services and education to help you succeed.

We are a community of WordPress website owners who collaborate, learn and grow together. If you've ever felt like you were all alone lost in the digital world. That ends today.


Our client says:

I can proudly say that I had the best experience ever!! It was so easy and pleasant to work with you guys. They created my website for my organisation, including awesome content. And I'm gonna use them now for my personal business.

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Dive in and take a swim

Our articles are written in simple none-techie format, so that you can enjoy them without Googling each sentence you read.