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Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope (In-Tech #20)

By December 8, 2021No Comments

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Welcome to In-Tech. Stargazing is more than just a popular hobby; for some it may be for science and research, for others it may even be therapeutic, but here’s what we know. Stargazing is simply awesome. Setting up the proper equipment just to look up at the cosmos sounds like a lot of work. Well, here’s how to make it easier. 

Introducing the Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope. The Vespera takes the guesswork out of stargazing! The telescope takes the images hitting its sensors and sends a live-view to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. This means you can set up the telescope outside (it has a four-hour battery life), jump under the covers, and tour the Universe. The downloadable app presents a list of cosmic points of interest to point the telescope towards, like the birth of a star, for example, and upon choosing where you want to go, the motors and GPS aboard the telescope point the lens in the right direction. From there you can watch the view live, take stacks of photos to reveal more detail, and you can even share what you’re seeing with friends.

Vespera is essentially a hybrid that combines the best parts of a telescope and camera. It’s fitted with an Apochromatic Quadruplet lens and a two-megapixel Sony IMX462 sensor that can capture high-res images of deep-sky objects in an instant. It also features automated star-field recognition and can track objects to assist you in getting that perfect snap.

Instead of an eyepiece, Vespera displays images on a mobile device, and the telescopes are controlled via a mobile application. Because they use your smartphone’s GPS to calibrate themselves, these telescopes require virtually no setup at all, making them easy to use for casual stargazers looking for a hassle-free way to see deep-space objects like nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters.

With all of this, Vespera is relatively inexpensive. The whole setup will set you back just $1,499. The telescope is available for pre-order now and is expected to roll out in spring of 2022. Happy stargazing! 

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