The Looking Glass Portrait (In-Tech #4)

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YouTube Transcript

Welcome to In-Tech, today we will be seeing the world of Holograms through a looking glass. Ever since R2-D2 projected a hologram of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars, holographic displays have been a scientific dream for everyone.

The Looking Glass Factory, a company that pioneers in enterprising personal holographic displays, just launched a Kickstarter for its trendsetting Looking Glass Portrait. The innovative Looking Glass can operate as a standalone device, and in an ingenious move, it supports portrait mode photos from smartphones like iPhone and new iterations of Android phones for creating simple holograms.

With the Looking Glass Portrait, people and objects look so convincingly 3D inside the screen that you can perceive different details as you move your eyes, the angle of view, or rotate the display. They’re not just static photos either: holograms within the device are gracefully animated, demonstrating the Looking Glass Portrait’s ability to enable holographic video calls with 3D people, rather than flat, lifeless, and stoic pictures or videos in 2D. 

Devices that pursue holograms didn’t just pop out of nowhere though, you can find similar holographic ventures with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display but who has $3000 to spare, right? The Looking Glass Portrait, starting price is at $249. Their early bird access comes in a 7.9 inch display at an undisclosed resolution, with HDMI, USB-C, and 3.5 stereo audio jack ports for getting media on and off the device.

Earlier hologram-generating models were initially marketed towards creative professionals, but The Looking Glass Portrait is working to address a broader scope of users, and inspire more developers to create holographic apps and content, such as 3D games without the need of glasses. Now any company that has 3D visualization needs, from graphic design companies to high end couture and fashion companies, can finally afford to put a holographic screen on every desk in the office.

Early Bird orders are expected to be fulfilled in March 2021, with normal campaign orders following in April. The final retail price will be $349.