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Streem (Startups #14)

By September 29, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to Startups. Customer support can get a little tricky sometimes. It’s tricky and time-consuming trying to troubleshoot with the customer without seeing what button they’re pushing or gently telling them to check if they’ve already plugged in the device. Now, you won’t have those issues anymore.

Say hello to Streem

Streem incorporates video engagement into your contact center directly from the Five9 Agent Desktop – empowering your agent to “see what the end-user sees” and walk them through processes and troubleshooting that wouldn’t otherwise be successful using just voice. Interactive, remote video collaboration is helping customer-centric companies solve today’s problems and build for the future. Streem’s AR-powered platform affords teams the vision and data to see around corners and solve enterprise problems. Simply powerful; web-to-web video chat and csupport tools connect users in real-time to a professional who can the augmented reality features of the phone to provide guidance, instruction, andc take measurements.

Streem’s revolutionary streaming video platform utilizes unprecedented AI to connect consumers and experts with a   of the problem – solving issues faster through exceptional customer experiences. Video empowers the agent to see what the customer sees with no app to download on the customer’s end. This enables near-perfect passing of contextual information to the agent – enhancing understanding and greatly reducing agent handling time.

The Streem platform enables real-time remote video collaboration inside the business tools you use every day – giving your team the ability to support your customers with a view that’s better than being there. Using Streem’s technology, organizations are able to incorporate self-service “walk-through” functionality into their mobile web apps. Streem’s interactive video enables direct connections to customers that deliver faster quotes, higher first-time resolutions, and eliminates hassle and wait times. 

“Technology should allow people to be more present, informed, and in-touch with the world around them. Streem enhances human experiences and capabilities with AR, AI, and our tenacious focus on the end customer value.” Says Ryan Fink, the CEO and Co-Founder of  Streem

Streem has been featured in Forbes magazine and the New York Times and has been commended for being a promising and successful startup. 

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