SpaceX Starship SN9 about to launch? (In-Tech #1)

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YouTube Transcript

Have you ever dreamed of going into space? A vacation on the moon? Or maybe just a weekend surrounded by stars? Well, your dream might become a reality very soon. SpaceX, headed by its founder and CEO, Elon Musk, aims to bring the void of space into the reach of anyone – for the right price, of course.

The latest SpaceX Starship prototype with the serial number SN9, might finally get off Elon Musk’s rocket development facility on the Texas Gulf coast this month. However, this is hoping for a best scenario as after testing last January13th, Musk said 2 of the 3 engines needed repair and needed to be switched out after it underwent 3 static test fires. It got some new engines and is being prepared for another test fire before a high altitude test flight as early as this week.

Plans to launch Last Monday were scrubbed due to high winds in near the launch area. Now with closures of local roads and airspace around the Boca Chica, Texas facility indicate we might potentially see another launch attempt. SpaceX has been modifying and fine-tuning the Starship’s design over the past two years, starting with sequences of low-altitude “hops.” The first successful flight of noteworthy elevation came last month when its predecessor SN8 reached the same altitude where commercial jets cruise. Unfortunately, this amazing milestone was then shadowed by a fall back to Earth on which the rocket successfully oriented itself but came in too fast and met an explosive end. We would not be surprised if the launch attempt of SN9 is pushed back another week or two following this mishap.

Whenever SN9 flies, we’ll be sure to feature the video here. Stay tuned.