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Spacemaker (Startups #13)

By July 27, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

We build custom websites – for free!

Welcome to Startups. Imagine designing a building in the concrete jungle of New York. How would you plan it? Where would you start? Lucky for you, you don’t have to look very far for help.

Spacemaker has developed a game-changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that discovers the smartest ways to maximize the value of any building site. They generate and explore billions of site proposals, sort out the best ones and give you detailed statistics about each of them. Their tools can provide a fantastic level of insight to architects, real estate developers, and municipalities.

The construction industry is struggling to adapt to the advancements of technology. It is one of the world’s largest industries and yet one of the least digitized. Productivity has been falling since the 1950s. Spacemaker is determined to play a vital role in this industry’s needed transformation. By dramatically improving decision support and collaboration in real estate development, they aim to help build sustainable and better cities to live in. Spacemaker enables architects, real-estate developers and other stakeholders in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry to make data-driven decisions from the very moment a project begins and to continuously iterate on the designs and to explore the boundaries of what is possible on a site.

The 115-person Spacemaker team develops and sells cloud-based software that utilizes AI to help architects, urban designers, and real estate developers make more informed design decisions. By having Spacemaker look over a designer’s shoulder, the software aims to augment the work of humans and not only speed up the urban development design and planning process, but also improve outcomes, including sustainability and quality of life for the people who will ultimately live in the resulting spaces. To do this, the platform enables users to quickly “generate, optimize, and iterate on” design alternatives, taking into account design criteria and data like: terrain, maps, wind, lighting, traffic, and zoning, etc. Spacemaker then returns design alternatives optimized for the full potential of the site.

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