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Sony FX3 (In-Tech #17)

By November 2, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to In-Tech. The much-whispered about Sony FX3 has finally been publicly announced. As expected, it’s an E-mount, full-frame video camera that sits at the bottom of Sony’s “Cinema Line” and bridges the gap between the portability of the a7S III and the capability of the FX6.

With a compact design for solo shooters, travel applications, and to serve as an ideal B cam, the Sony FX3 borrows from both the Cinema Line and Alpha series of cameras to create an optimized portable cinema camera. The FX3 features all of the imaging attributes you’d expect from this class but sports a newly designed body that’s hand-held, with a streamlined and minimal profile, and has a “cage-free” design, giving it the ability to secure various accessories directly to the camera body.

Sony’s FX3 is the smallest, cheapest cinema camera the company has ever made. It’s built for filmmakers, rather than photographers, so it can handle recording ultra HD video at 120fps for long periods. It comes bundled with a handle that’s ideal for shooting from low angles and it adds extra sockets for plugging in different audio inputs. There’s also in-body image stabilization for when you’re “running and gunning” or filming while moving. Sony’s Catalyst Prepare/Browse software uses shake metadata to stabilize your image.

The full-frame sensor provides shallow depth of field looks, impressive bokeh, and reduced rolling shutter artifacts. The use of the same sensor is no bad thing, given that it has very good readout rates which are essential for a video camera and excellent performance in terms of noise and dynamic range. The FX3 uses the same Bionz XR processors as the a7S III and gets its much-improved menus, too. The only major difference is that the on-screen display of AF tracking matches the rest of the Cinema Line cameras, rather than those of the Alpha cameras with only a subtle difference. 

The price of the new Sony FX3 starts at $3,899.99

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