Snowflake: The Data Cloud (Startups #2)

By February 15, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

Welcome to Startups. Today we will be focusing on the very thing that makes everything relevant: DATA.

Data is an influential tool that businesses use to fight churn and acquire more customers and attract potential clients. If you, however, don’t have a data storage solution where you can use the information you have gathered, it becomes useless. You might ask “What is churn?” Well, churn refers to a customer cancelling their subscription to your product or service. It is a common metric among SaaS (service as a subscription) businesses.

Snowflake offers a comprehensive data storage service designed for professional data analysts. It can be best used and maximized by businesses that are looking to grow using actual facts and hard data.

From a single platform, Snowflake allows its users to access its secure data exchange and advanced data science for maximum app development. Snowflake can serve as a modern data warehouse and an augmented data lake for your business which can integrate data engineering to your processes.

Snowflake’s unique architecture separates but also integrates storage, computing, and services. You can virtually enable all your users and data workloads to access a single copy of your data without impacting performance. It allows you to run your data solution seamlessly across various clouds and regions for a single and reliable experience.

Snowflake allows you to create modern integrated data applications to best serve your customers, employees, or business partners. Through Snowflake you can develop new revenue streams focused on data to help drive your business evolution. It broadens data analytics across your business so users at all levels, and with varying expertise, can make data-driven decisions.

Go to and get your quote now. You might be amazed with all the profit Snowflake can bring to your business by using hard data and factual evidence. You can also start with a 30-day free trial to get a feel for the platform.