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Samsung Smart Monitor M7 (In-Tech #21)

By December 16, 2021No Comments

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Welcome to In-Tech. There is a well known phrase that “bigger is better”, and while it’s not unusual to find affordable 4K panel screen monitors these days, finding a desktop monitor with 4K HD Graphics that also has the functions of a Smart TV, well that’s near impossible.

Introducing the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Series. This new ultra-HD display from Samsung ticks every box. The M7 is essentially a hybrid between a monitor for a Mac or PC and a smart TV. The M7 comes with a TV remote too and built-in speakers for good sound. By day it can connect to your laptop via a single USB-C cable, which will also power it too; there’s no need to plug it into the wall. And whenever you choose to switch, it can pull a stream from your smartphone via Wi-Fi, or access your streaming service of choice via the built-in Smart Hub software.

The Samsung M7 offers smart features usually included on Samsung’s TVs, and it also provides Office 365, and the ability to use the screen to open a desktop environment from your smartphone or tablet. Since the M7 has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this provides a couple of interesting possibilities in a highly productive fashion. For example, it can connect to Microsoft Office 365 cloud services, so you can work from home without a PC – it works with a wireless mouse and keyboard. 

Samsung’s SmartThings platform is also included and makes it quick and easy to stream those few streaming services that aren’t included directly to the monitor. You can even stream your phone or tablet’s screen to the TV in a similar fashion to Google Chromecast. You also get access to Samsung’s Smart-universe. Here you will find almost all popular streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Nordic, Viaplay and Disney+. 

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 excels by delivering a solid performance across the board, plus you get the added benefits of Samsung’s smart TV functionality. It earns a well-deserved place as one of the best options for people living and working from home in small or shared accommodations.

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