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Rollova (Intech #7)

By June 17, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

Welcome to In-Tech. We are currently living in a world moved by technology; a world full of innovation that is evolving and reforming every facet of our lives, whether work-related or personal. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could take the guesswork out of your sewing or carpentry measurements? Something that could tell you exactly how much material you need instead of just an estimate?

Introducing Rollova, a new trendsetting digital ruler. A ruler that can roll across any object, surface, or material. Rollova will l et you measure every curve and awkward angle easily and quickly. It’s time to shelf your conventional ruler and flimsy tape measure. Rollova will help you measure any surface better. It’s also a sophisticated, portable work accessory.

Rollova relies on ultra-steady technology to measure surfaces while you roll the device. This results in remarkably precise readings that will help you get your project done right the first time. Although what it does might sound complicated, this digital rolling ruler is easy and instinctive to use. Just press and hold the button on the back of the device and roll the Rollova across the surface you want to measure. You can now measure everything without needing help from others, or asking someone to look at the end of the ruler for you.

The Rollova can also measure radii and diameters. Just click the wheel once to measure a radius and twice to add a diameter. Three clicks brings the ruler back to normal mode. Now you can accurately measure a pipe’s radius without worrying if it will fit.

This digital rolling ruler makes switching between metric and imperial units easy. You just have to double-press the main button on the back of the device to access the settings and then rotate the wheel to select inches or centimeters. You won’t have to stop your work just to convert measurements for your European clients.

Rollova can hold up to 99 saved measurements. No more frantically combing through handwritten notes or searching your phone for the numbers you recorded yesterday or last week. Leave it to Rollova to make measuring work easy and fast!

The official retail price of Rollova is $89.…&utm_campaign=thegadgetflow&utm_medium=thegadgetflow&utm_term=thegadgetflow