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Raylier Jacket (Intech #10)

By July 8, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to In-Tech. Want to get on that motorbike and ride in style, yet safely? The French company Raylier has solved this issue with the first ever luminous jacket for bikers. Safety is incredibly important when you’re riding and studies show that safety is directly related to visibility in traffic. Raylier aims to be the world’s safest motorcycle jacket.

The jacket will have 12 LED lights, with six white ones in the front and six red ones in the back. The lights can be controlled by a button on the jacket’s belt. With this, Raylier hopes to reduce the fatalities of bikers by 18 percent. However, if you do happen to get into an accident, you can still rely on Raylier technology as the jacket is made of a very strong leather and is equipped with a visco-elastic protective shell that greatly reduces the risk of major injuries.

According to Baptiste Rosay, one of the co-founders of Raylier: “More than 60 percent of biking accidents are due to a lack of visibility, and thanks to our jacket, we improve the driver’s visibility in order to avoid crashes and save lives. Beyond that, we also improve the communication with other road users.”

The Raylier jacket flashes or signals when braking and can also be used to display turn signals or a warning flashing light when you’re in an emergency. The lights on Raylier come with three modes: fixed, flashing for emergency situations, and rapidly flashing for heavy traffic. The lights have eight hours of autonomous use in regular mode and up to 16 hours in flash mode, and take two hours for a full charge of the battery. In addition, the LED lights are arranged very elegantly, not only making your journey safer, but stylish as well.

If you purchase the connectivity module at an additional cost, you can sync your jacket to your bike (plug and play style) and the signal turns operate as well. Without the module, you only get the flashing and the brake lights, with the latter activated through a built-in accelerometer.

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