Related Listings Auto Connect



From a user:

making ‘related listings’ auto-connect.

A user can only add a listing form a parent listing type.
When he has added this, only then he can add a child-listing type
This child-listing type is then automatic connected to the parent and doesnt have to be connected manually through the add-listing form.

Ohkie: Explain more please.

From user:

I mean related listings, not similar listings.

to make it work manually:

First a user need to make a group listing:
Doe mee!

then they need to make an ‘submission’ for a challenge:
and when they do this submission, they manually have to select their group-listing and manually pick the challenge they are playing
Inzending Challenge

In another use case it would be:
– someone makes a shop-listing
– someone adds a product-listing or an event or something else
and still have to manually choose to which shop-listing it belongs (even though the user has only one shop-listing, and its connected ‘belongs to one’

If this can be automatic selected, with has many/belongs to one use cases would be great!