New Booking type: Events



A robust event and ticket management system with seat selection integration capability.

But even for this booking type, the listing page IS the event. The bookable widget will have:

-Ticket tiers/prices
-Price per tier
-Scannable bar codes/QR
-Availability calendar (modified to work with events)

Some details from a community member to consider:

“Hi Ohkie, I’ve just went through your ML booking plugin, I wanted to let you know that, 1. some events are standing events and no seat, but they will have tickets. 2. many events are online events (Virtual) events and no seat but they all have tickets too. 3. Adding Zoom, Google meet and etc to facilitate the online (Virtual) event attendees to click on it to join to the events that they bought the ticket (the Qr code for online event can be for the verification of person which has bought the event ticket. this is useful for the training course, webinars or etc online too. 4. importing the events from major event websites such as Eventbrite into the website at the beginning of starting the website to promote the website and plus, marketing purposes. 5. giving the buyer the option to buy a event ticket or any bookable ticket as a gift and send it to the family or friends (marketing & sales purposes again). 6. setting auto-badge and creating kind of level (3 level colorful/iconic) to those who attend more and more event or purchased event ticket to show the supper attendee or senior event attendee (Motivation/Marketing). therefore, you may need to give some extra features to the WordPress admin or event owner (vendor) to choose what type of event and ticket they are going to publish. I know you may consider all of thee but it was just friendly reminder before development finalization.”