Padrone Ring – (In-Tech #3)

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YouTube Transcript

We build custom websites – for free! Welcome to In-Tech. In today’s episode we’ll be introducing you to the Padrone Ring, the world’s most exclusive touchpad. The name ‘Padrone’ is Italian and means boss or patron of the family. They want you to boss your tech in style.

The Padrone’s finger ring substitutes the computer mouse or any touchpad. It works just like the touchpad on your laptop, but you can use it on any table, on your lap or any surface! It gives you unlimited maneuverability and versatility with just your fingers, the ultimate pointing device. It connects via Bluetooth to your computer, so it does not require software installation—just slide it on and connect! Most computers have Bluetooth hardware nowadays. If you can connect any Bluetooth mouse to your computer, the ring works as well. This also means that you don’t need a USB port and latency is comparable to any Bluetooth mouse.

How does it work? There is virtually no difference in using the touchpad of your laptop and using the Padrone Ring. It works on a desk or on any somewhat hard and seemingly flat surface. The ring is worn on the index finger on either the left hand or the right hand. As soon as your index finger touches the table, the mouse pointer starts following your fingertip. When you lift your fingertip again, the mouse pointer ceases moving. To perform a left click just tap your index finger on the table. For a right click, tap your middle finger. To scroll on a page, move your index finger and middle finger simultaneously up or down. Does the ring get confused when typing on a keyboard? Nope, when you move your hand quickly away from your virtual mouse pad, the ring pauses. Additionally, you can switch it off easily. Those two mechanisms ensure that you can combine typing easily with using the ring. The wrist stays mostly on the same spot on the table. Most people hold their hand in this position anyway when they are relaxed. Which results in a more comfortable and easier way of working and going about your daily tasks.

With a sleek black design and form that won’t hurt your fingers, this ring is a piece of fashion you can wear anywhere at any time. A fully charged ring can bring you through a typical workday so there are no problems with the battery life. You can even wash your hands while wearing the ring as it is water resistant.

The ring was released late 2020 and boasts a 9.8/10 review on Gadgetflow.