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NutSpace (Startups #18)

By November 23, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to Startups. Do you believe that children are our future? If so, how can we best invest in them? 

Introducing NutSpace, whose mission is to get children ready for the future with 21st century related skills. Nutspace uses a Proprietary Inventive Thinking Methodology that teaches children how to learn. NutSpace also offers an in-classroom program that teaches experiential learning to develop independent thinking skills among children. The company’s platform provides the child with a wide range of learning experiences around different themes that build knowledge and life skills. The content is based on the international early years curriculum that helps children improve their imagination, listening skills and language skills, stimulating multiple parts of the brain, including the senses, enabling children to develop essential life skills and values at an early age.

Nutspace seeks to brighten the future for children by helping them become creative, innovative, and better human beings. By using simple theme-based stories that are easy to understand, encouraging reflection, imparting knowledge and driving curiosity, they help children develop to their fullest potential. Currently, they are focusing on creating content for children ranging from newborn to eight years.

The world is changing at a rapid pace with an overload of information and fast-paced innovations in work environments, technology, and culture. Children will need to adapt to this changing world by using critical thinking, problem solving, accessing and analyzing Information, curiosity and imagination. This is why parents need to focus on developing 21st century related skills in their offspring.

NutSpace has grown because of their early adopters. These graduates from the program have been instrumental in spreading the word and moreover, they have seen their children evolve, and in the process, their grades have improved. NutSpace produces original video content, lesson plans, assessments, and do-it-yourself exercises centered on key life skills and other related, modern capabilities. Stories are at the core of every lesson plan for maximum retention.

The program is delivered in NutSpace centers, partner schools, and digitally through a mobile app.

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