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March 2022!


If you’ve made it here, you are probably very familiar with the MyListing directory theme developed by 27 collective and sold on Themeforest. It is a robust theme with a ton of raw potential. But it lacks any dynamic booking functionality. That’s where we come in. The’ MyBookings’ WordPress plugin was developed specifically for the MyListing theme. To enable complete, high-functioning booking capability.

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The MyBookings plugin can be used in so many different ways. It’s hard to quantify, because it is theoretically as robust as the users’ creativity. However, read through this list to learn about the basics we packed into this plugin.

  • Ability to enable/disable bookings globally
  • Ability to select booking type – per listing type
  • Ability to enable/disable bookings – per listing type
  • Ability to set commission rates on a fixed price or percentage basis – per listing type
  • Ability to make bookings optional to listing owners
  • Ability to to see all bookings and process refunds (In cases of disputes)
  • Ability to edit/enable/disable booking related emails
  • Access to listing and sales data
  • Admin wallet with escrow funds, cleared funds and ability to withdraw earnings 
Listing Owner
  • Ability to enable/disable bookings – per listing type
  • Ability to set price for bookings
  • Ability to configure the ‘availability calendar’ 
  • Ability to determine reservation value by: minute, hour, day, month, year etc. 
  • Ability to approve/decline a booking
  • Ability to refund a customer for a booking
  • Access to wallet with earnings and sales data
  • Ability to book a listing and checkout
  • Access to booking history and booking details
  • Ability to secure funds via escrow for ‘contractor’ listing type


What can this plugin be used to book?

There can be a near infinite amount of uses. We are simply building functionality that further expands your limitless universe on WordPress and the MyListing Theme.
We are starting with 3 booking types:
1. Standard Purchase (like selling a product)
2. Reservation (like renting an AirBNB or hotel)
3. Contracting (like providing a service that requires escrow)
Understanding the types, will open the door to so many uses.

How much does it cost?

$99 on Envato

How many websites can I use it on?

Only one. You need to purchase a new license for each website. The plugin will not work without a unique license number.

Does it integrate with WooCommerce checkout?

Yes, you will be able to choose between WooCommerce checkout or custom Stripe checkout.


(Upcoming features and functionality)

Ticketing Solution

For events and seating

Custom BUY Buttons

Listing owners should be able to re-label the buy buttons

Booking Quantities

Ability for Listing Owner to limit a listing to be purchased an 'X' amount of times

Multiple Booking Types

Admin to allow multiple booking types per listing type


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