Startups Sell Your Smarts (Startups #1)

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YouTube Transcript

Welcome to Startups. Here to bring you short and precise updates in the startup world. Today we are looking at mona or Not dot com. Dot S O. Mona is all about selling your smarts.

Are you a personal trainer that lost clients due to quarantine guidelines? Or maybe a nutritional coach that’s new to the game and want to extend your reach? Are you tired of advertising your skills and products on the same old platforms? Well, maybe it’s time to switch up to a more direct, vibrant, unique, and customizable campaign.

Introducing Mona, a huge leap forward in how solo entrepreneurs can make money online. In a nutshell, Mona is a platform that allows you to create an amazing page to sell your skills. You can handpick your own unique style and build your page in minutes. May it be events, discussions, or any other digital products – with Mona, you choose how you share them! You can finally showcase your skills, pick what you want to offer, and you name your own price.

The main thing attracting clients into the Mona platform is how low the platform charges for its unique approach. The first $500 you make through Mona is free. After that, they’ll take 2% of all revenue made. For example, if you make $1,000 a month through Mona, they’ll take $20 when you cash out, and you’ll get $980 straight into your bank account.

Mona also uses their very own algorithm to determine what offers are most in demand and who your most-valuable customers are by using Mona insights.

Reviews to Mona have been great so far. Clients on their platform rave about how aesthetically pleasing their page looks on either phone or desktop and how easy it is to style your own page, as well as being able to use pre-made templates if you’re feeling a bit lazy.

This startup company is really something to look out for if you are thinking about selling your skills online or have a digital campaign that seeks to extend your reach across different platforms.