MAD Gaze (In-Tech #5)

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YouTube Transcript

Welcome to In-Tech. Today you will be seeing the world through new eyes. Literally. 

If you’re looking for an innovative and easier way to increase your productivity while you’re on the go, look no further. MAD Gaze is a new and amazing set of VR Glasses that will let you use different apps, read books, play games, and watch movies anytime and anywhere without the need of a computer screen.

It can be a companion for fitness enthusiasts, as they stretch, run, and cycle with these glasses that could show you your heart rate, steps taken, and distance travelled in real time when you pair it with the fitness app on your phone. 

Receiving calls won’t be an issue, as you can stay connected with your phone notifications through MAD Gaze. You can answer calls and get reminders of your to do list, or read an email, especially in times that you cannot physically look at your phone–like when you’re in a meeting.

You can also get the most exciting gaming experience with MAD Gaze as it lets you immerse yourself into your Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality games. Together with their Bluetooth joystick and gesture-based controls, it provides a more natural form of interaction with the game.

With these glasses you can also enjoy a 3D movie anywhere you’d like. Through MAD Gaze you can enjoy the movie as if you were watching on a 90-inch screen, and you’re the only one there. These glasses recreate the atmosphere of being in a theatre without being in one. 

For travelers who like to go around the world on their very own adventures, MAD Gaze could help you in more ways than one. MAD Gaze provides regional information by GPS, so you can stay informed wherever you are. You can search destination with voice input and get the suggested route to your destination with “Switch mode”. This mode includes driving, cycling, and walking. They also have voice and image translate for when you are in a foreign country and you don’t understand the language. You may be looking at a Chinese menu and it automatically converts it into English so you’ll know what you’re getting. Or maybe you’re asking for suggestions on where to go next and they answer you in their local dialect, so with MAD Gaze you can avoid these problems altogether. 

The prices of MAD Gaze along with all their designs range from $529 to $769. 

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