Loom (Startups #5)

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YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to Startups. Getting tired of miscommunication and misinformation your current work-from-home situation creates? Well, look at what we have for you today.

Loom is a $350 Million Video Startup and is the next big thing in remote work tech. They seek to change the future of workplace communication.

Remote work is becoming an even more prevalent idea, and team collaboration and communication platforms such as Slack, Jira, Asana are getting futile at conveying a clear message to your colleagues. Loom helps you create video messages for your co-workers and explain a precise problem or offer a clear explanation that everyone can understand. It is already adopted by the software goliaths such as Atlassian, LinkedIn, Slack, and SalesForce.

With their slogan: Show it, say it, send it! Through Loom you can record video messages of your screen, cam, or both which is undeniably faster than typing an email or meeting live. With Loom you can Instantly share and watch anywhere. It is a more well-organized, open, effective way to communicate. You can convey tone, mark up your screen, and record in context to give clear and more beneficial feedback, report on progress with more flexibility for your team and with no extra effort to document and share the best ideas with a platform to ease a more bottom’s up and circulated partnership.

You can be as fun or formal as you want with as many takes as you need. Studies have shown that people retain in order of magnitude more information via video than text. With this you can achieve Team Alignment and make sure everyone has the background they need to do their best work. With Loom you can share context ahead of time so everyone can dive straight into a productive conversion which results to fewer and more focused meetings. Record presentations, updates, and insights that others can share with an audience you can control. Use video messages to share important information with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Loom creates an ongoing visual and audible experience across businesses and enables employees to feel part of a unified culture and company. This results in a healthier and less micromanaged workplace. 

Loom received $73 Million in crowdfunding and has since grown its reach with 9 million worldwide users in over 120 thousand companies.