What is development credit?

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At Ohkie, we use a credit system to use against development labor. Anyone seeking to use Ohkie for hourly development services, must purchase development credit. Our typical hourly rate for development is $100 per hour. Therefore, one credit, which is akin to one hour of development, costs $100. 30 minutes of development credit costs $50. etc. However, we do offer discounts. The more credit you purchase at once, the bigger the discount.

We do not work on projects without credit. Meaning, in order for our account manager to assign developers to your tasks or project, credit must be purchased ahead of time.

The benefits of using a credit system are many. But here are few that you should know of:

  1. We never spend more time than you anticipate. It is all too common for a client in need of development help to reach out to a digital agency and find themselves with a $5,000 bill at the end of the month with the agency insisting that they put in 50 hours of work. But when you requested the work, you didn’t imagine it would take anywhere near that long. By purchasing credits up front, you are essentially protecting yourself from ever being charged more than what’s within your budget. You can use the credit system as protective wall.
  2. Proper accountability. With our credit activity log, we are able to leave a note on each credit adjustment. This allows you to see exactly how much time was spent on each individual task. This leaves very little up to speculation or frustration. By keeping track of the tasks that take the longest, you gain insight and experience which will help you project scope and cost more accurately in the future.
  3. Dedicated development funds. Instead of getting a $5,000 invoice that includes design, development and marketing items on it – which can easily leave you baffled or disappointed, you now have a dedicated fund specifically for development. Our development credit can only be used for development purposes.

Development credits cannot be returned or cashed in. We urge you to purchase with this in-mind. As long as you have the credit, you can use our development resources, but you cannot return unused credits.

We do allow credit transfers. If you would like to transfer credit from one Ohkie account to another, please contact your account manager and submit your request.

The development credit system was designed in a way that allows Ohkie to offer our development resources for any and all tasks. Many companies have minimums in the high hundreds or thousands. Not us. You are home, remember? At Ohkie, our minimum is 30 minutes, or $50. This allows website owners to modify small things with a reputable company, without getting ripped off or taken advantage of. Because of this system, we proudly service hundreds of websites each months with the tiniest to the biggest  requests.

Last Updated On October 17, 2019