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What is a landing page?

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At Ohkie, a landing page refers to a single-page website.

Websites can have multiple pages. For example, some websites have a homepage, an about us page, and a contact us page. Others have many more pages to suit their owner’s needs.

A single-page website is for a company or service that is simple and straightforward and only needs one page to showcase its service.

At Ohkie we believe in the modern design philosophy that “less is more”. And as such, we actually find it to be quite a skill to condense all of a company’s information into one page. To do this in a meaningful way, without cluttering up the page too much, is no easy task.

However, the experts behind the scenes, here at Ohkie, are very well versed in this and we’d happily take the time to reimagine your business and service offering to determine how we can properly showcase it, on a single page.

But, you don’t have to! Our free website initiative includes up to 6 designed pages for free! So if you’d like to have more than one page, you surely can.

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