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Ohkie’s managed hosting comes standard with up-time monitoring. But what exactly does that include? In this article we detail our up-time monitoring services and efforts.

When hosting a website on any server, many things can potentially go wrong or break. Causing minor to major issues. Including your website ‘going down’ or going offline. Up-time monitoring seeks to identify when a website went offline and alert appropriate parties.

But in many cases, it isn’t actually the ‘website’ that goes down or encounters errors, it’s the server or domain. The ‘website’ is simply the WordPress installation and the contents therein. If a server crashes or goes offline, then technically the ‘website’ or WordPress installation has nothing to do with it, but rather the server itself needs to be restored. However, there are cases where the WordPress causes the server to fail. And vise versa.

If that wasn’t complicated enough… The URL can be up even if WordPress is not up, because WordPress may report back that there is a e.g. database problem, but it will do so on an HTML page, which will load correctly with a HTTP 200 status. Uptime will say: Oh 200, that means all is OK, let’s report green.

So in light of all of these gloomy scenarios what exactly can we accurately detect and how do we do it?

As of now, Ohkie cannot detect a WordPress error. So if your site seems to be down or encountering an error that pertains to your WordPress installation, our monitoring machines cannot detect that. In this case a human would have to detect it and bring it to our attention. Or to the attention of your current website developer.

Here’s what Ohkie CAN and does currently monitor:

  1. SSL
  2. Server up
  3. Server resources
  4. http/https

If any of the above fail or go down, we will be alerted within 15 minutes and will address the matter urgently. Typically solving the issue before our client even notices. This is one of the major perks of managed hosting. You have a team of experienced IT professionals ready to jump into action on your behalf when you need it.

If you’d like more information about this, please contact us.

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