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Like so many others, I lived and breathed the MyListing theme for many years. I used it for my own websites and business, for customer websites and for friends. I accepted the mediocre support, the limitations, the lack of affordable and reliable developers who can help and so much more. Like so many others, MyListing theme was part of my life. Through good and bad.

One feature it always lacked was the ability to book listings. So many theme users requested it, to no avail. Finally, it dawned on me, that I can just develop it myself. I mean, I do own a really robust development agency, so I’m not quite sure why that never crossed my mind…

Behold, MyListing Bookings! 

A ultra dynamic, super lightweight booking plugin designed specifically for the MyListing directory theme. I’m no longer waiting for messiah – I’m creating him!

The MyListing Bookings plugin is going to be very useful for so many types of purchases and booking types. From regular sales of products, to reservations and contracting. Boasting a whole host of common-sense features that will turn any MyListing website into a money a maker.

In order to keep up with our progress, please check our dedicated plugin page regularly:

Thank you and I’m happy to be part of the community.


Nate Mandel

CEO – WeFoundd

Co-Founder & Creative Director – Ohkie