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Our free website initiative comes with a project delivery time of: 4-6 weeks (On standard websites)

If you need faster delivery, we have these three options:

$1,500 for 1-3 business day delivery.

$750 for 2 week delivery.

$500 for 3 week delivery.

The reason the standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks, is because we give ourselves two weeks from the date of sign up, to coordinate, plan and collect content for your project. Once your account manager is satisfied that we have all the necessary information to begin development, we push it into development. From there development may only take a few days or a week, but we also need to allow time for a couple iterations, and then finally to go live with the domain.

However, we do understand that some clients need a website up quicker, and so we’ve created these add-ons to help accommodate urgent requests.

You can purchase this add-on here.