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For $2,000 Ohkie will work closely with you to design an original, tailored and unique design. You may be wondering how this differs from the standard ‘free’ tier.

The difference lies in our delivery and end result.

The free website currently gets delivered the following manner:

  1. After you pay for your server, we deploy it and send a welcome email. In that email there’s a link to an agent calendar. You are invited to schedule a time to ‘share screens’. We call this the ‘screen sharing session’ – it’s a 30-60 minute meeting whereby we design a lightweight wireframe while you are looking at the agents screen. During this meeting we also go through all the pieces of necessary collateral that we will need in order to complete a successful build.  As well as collect any relevant information from you.
  2. After this session is complete, we push the wireframe and content to our development team. Based off of the wireframe, they design the site as they see fit.
  3. Upon completion, we share the first draft with you. You then have 2 rounds of free modifications before going live.

However, as you can see from the model above, you have no say in the initial design or direction. Sure, we’ll try to glean an understanding from all the inspiration you shared with us and all your comments, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the overall concept at all…

This is why we have the ‘Custom Web Design’ extra.

For customers who have very particular preferences or an eye for design, we will assign an expert UI/UX designer to work closely with you post wireframe, prior to development, to design a custom layout that you must sign off on; before we even push it into development. This way you know exactly what you are getting and the quality, design and style is ensured.

That’s not to make away the end result of our free tier. Not at all. As you can see from our portfolio, our free tier delivers stunning original websites too. It’s just that the customer had no involvement in the actual design prior to delivery of the first draft. And we understand that this approach doesn’t work for everyone. That is why we have created this extra.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask.