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2 month development lifecycle

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Our free website initiative has a lifecycle of up to 2 months. After which, there will be a $100 per month add-on charge for your website project to sit in our queue, while we wait for your revisions. 

To better understand this policy, let’s explore Ohkie’s model a bit deeper: 

We provide free website services to companies and brands who want to avoid paying a couple thousand dollars to get online. We do this via our free website initiative. The free website initiative will get you online within 4-6 weeks. The first draft will generally be completed within 4 weeks, and then our customers will have 2 full rounds of free modifications—which need to be completed within the 2-month life cycle that began when we started working on the project. 

Once we receive your list of modifications, we will have  them completed within a few business days. At which point, you will be asked to review the website again for one more final, free round of modifications. However, once the second free round of modifications is complete, we will go live with your website. Once we go live, we no longer provide development support . We will only be here to provide hosting support. 

In case you need further website development, we recommend our development partner called Dokie ( However, you may  use any development company or freelance developer of your choosing. 

But let’s back up for a minute…

The weeks that we spend working on your project, are what we call the development life cycle. Since we complete the first draft within 4 weeks, and the rounds of modifications within a few days, this means that, theoretically, every website can be completed and live within 5 or so weeks.  By changing and enforcing our new policy, we will be able to maintain this fast turnaround!

We put a 2 month limit on the development life cycle per project, in order to prompt our laid-back clientele to get us  that list of revisions as soon as possible, so we can go live. We can only handle so many active projects concurrently without straining our design and development team. This is why we mandate the life cycle to only extend up to  2 months. After which, if you need more time to deliberate the modifications, we will charge $100 per month while your project remains in our development queue. 

Exceptions apply when the development duration exceeds 2 months, due to circumstances not related to client feedback time. For example, if we are building you an elaborate website with dozens of pages, that will take longer than our average build duration. In such cases, we will not charge you the $100 per month.

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