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2 full rounds of modifications

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When building a free website with Ohkie, we allow for up to 2 full rounds of modifications. Once you exceed 2 rounds, we charge $100 for each additional round of modifications. So what is a “round of revision” exactly?

Answer: A round of revision refers to one list, or one session of feedback from the client. This list of modifications can be as long as you’d like, as long as it’s given over at once. We encourage our clients to take their time to review everything before submitting their list. Review the website a few times throughout the course of a day or so in order to be able to construct a valuable list.

The process works like this:

After we’ve gathered all your information, created a wireframe and developed your website, we conduct a showing. This may be in the form of a screen share with your account manager, or your account manager simply sharing the URL for you to review at you convenience. Once you’ve completed your review, we are sure that you will want a few things tweaked, added and/or subtracted. We expect you to compile a list of all of these modifications, or to schedule a session with your account manager in order to give them over directly. In any case, whatever you provide us with during this phase, will be considered your first round of modifications.

We will then create the individual requests as tasks for our developers and they will work on each point. Once all the points are complete, we will conduct a second showing in the same manner as the first. Where you will review the website again, as well as all your requests, to make sure that they were completed to your liking.

Your second round of modifications will be when you send us your next round of requests.

Most websites, if properly planned and executed, do not pass the second round of modifications. Unless it’s an elaborate website or you are very specific with every tiny detail of your site. If you are, we have no problem with that! We encourage our clients to be perfectionists. But if we pass round two, it will come at the price of $100 per additional round.

We hope this explanation suffices. Of course, if you still have any questions, please give is a call. Our experts will probably be able to determine pre-build if your project will need additional rounds.

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