Hopin (Startups #6)

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YouTube Transcript

Welcome to Startups. Has the Covid19 pandemic put a strain on your planned
events, parties, and gatherings? Today, we’ll explore a new perspective on how
we can still host events despite the pandemic, while we stay safe and socially

You can make your virtual events unforgettable with Hopin. It can boost
engagement among your attendees, speakers, and sponsors with a limitless
number of ways to create connection, interaction, and long-lasting relationships
between parties. At a standard Hopin event, your users can network among
themselves with a one-on-one live video when the party gets loud. They can also
join in breakout sessions and talk in groups within the event. And of course, you
can watch keynote presentations on the virtual stage, send chat messages, fill
out polls, and explore interactive expo areas of the event.

With Hopin, you may also increase the event proceeds by measuring and
analyzing valuable data so that you can drive revenue from speakers, sponsors,
and partners. Whether you’re hosting a live training workshop, bringing your
company’s remote team together, or launching a full-scale digital conference, it’s
easy to create an engaging Hopin event for up to hundreds of thousands of

Hopin wants to “reimagine virtual events from the ground up and make them so
good that they become no longer a sideline option, but a desired mainstream
destination.” The pandemic undeniably helped in Hopin’s success in 2020; as of
this past November, it had hosted events with 3.5 million users at more than
50,000 organizations, including the United Nations, NATO, and UCLA University.

With a vision, the founders designed Hopin to stand out from normal video
conferencing apps, by having it enable meaningful interactions and networking
between people online, just like at an in-person event.

Hopin raised a $125 million Series B round, for a $2.1 billion valuation. Launched
just eight months ago, it has now raised $170 million in total — making it one of
the fastest-growing startups in Europe. Hopin includes Slack, Salesforce, and
Northzone among its investors.