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Quin Quest (In-Tech #13)

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Welcome to In-Tech. Today’s technology is taking major steps towards the goal of protection and advanced automation.

For all the motorheads out there, this is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s carbon, it’s smart, it’s modular. Introducing Quin Quest-the world’s first ever smart motorcycle helmet. The two-in-one helmet design provides riders full-face protection with the option of open-face accessibility. The removable peak visor offers adventure riders a new and versatile option to the traditional adventure helmet designs. The Quest also serves as the perfect helmet for any riding type, from sport to touring, with the peak visor removed. With its large, premium K6 Carbon Fiber weave, the Quest is one of the world’s lightest modular designs.

The Quin Quest is a carbon-shelled convertible except for the chin bar. It has plenty of ventilation, pleasing-looking removable liners, a very civilized built-in drop-down sun visor, and a quick-release, dirt bike-style sun visor you can leave on or pull off, depending on how adventurous you want people to think you are. Sadly, the visors don’t appear to be compatible with Pinlock anti-fog inserts.

To ensure optimal air circulation, Quin’s Advanced Ventilation System (AVS) is integrated into the design with what looks like three air ducts at the front and one extractor at the back. Like any good adventure helmet, the Quest also features a removable peak, as well as a convenient retractable sun visor. The chin piece features an easy thumb-activated release mechanism, lifts as far up as the forehead, and locks into place.

The Quin also comes equipped with the Intelliquin system which uses sensors to detect crashes. It will call emergency services if the rider is unconscious, and can transmit an SOS beacon. The helmet comes with full Bluetooth connectivity that allows the wearer to manage calls, stream music, and follow navigation instruction using the Quin Ride application. The helmet’s battery is rated at six to eight hours of continuous use and at 60+ hours of autonomy on standby. Like all the other Quin helmets, the Quest has DOT and ECE 22.05 certifications.

Quin Quest Modular

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