Free Website Development

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Free Website Development:

When people read our company name, they often think of Okie. Or better yet, Okie Dokie.

But Okie doesn’t offer free website development. “Ohkie” does.

Ohkie is a unique company with a very bold free website initiative. At our core, we are a managed hosting company. But on the surface, we are a web development agency designing and building stunning websites for free!

We save companies thousands of dollars, by getting them online for no cost at all. Our goal is to help companies avoid the initial cost that is associated with quality web development.

We are not a development company per se. We really only focus on the initial build and saving you the up-front costs. Websites, especially ones that generate money, like eCommerce or affiliate sites, require maintenance and upkeep. There’s no way to get around paying for such ongoing work. However, you can get around investing the initial lump-sum to get you up and running. That is what Ohkie is here for.

We’ll get you online within a few weeks for no money at all. If you are ready to host with us, we’ll blaze the trail of design and development for you.

Unlike building tools such as Shopify, Wix, Squarespace or Weebly, Ohkie actually designs and develops for you. So you don’t have to break your head trying to build it yourself. Nor will you have to hire freelancers or contractors.

Our free website initiative is unrivaled.

Building tools are limited. Users lose their minds trying to figure out how they work. Why go through all that trouble? We understand that company admins do not have time to learn building tools and web development. We therefore crafted the Ohkie model to remedy this precise pain point.

If you’d like for us to build your custom website for free, don’t hesitate! Sign up for our managed hosting which starts at a meager $30 per month and you will receive a welcome email within a few business hours. From there we will work with you to build a website that suits your custom needs.


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