Development services & pricing

Aside from our free website initiative, Ohkie offers a wide array of web development services spanning dozens of technologies. We also offer our development services to clients who do not want to commit to hosting in-house. The pricing for all of these services are below.

Landing page
Multi-page portfolio website
Basic eCommerce website
Membership website
Combination: portfolio/eCommerce website
Enterprise eCommerce website
Mobile application development
$4,000/M per developer
Web application development
$4,000/M per developer
Software development
$4,000/M per developer
Systems development
$2,000/Y per developer
Server and hosting infrastructure development
$120 per hour
Remote IT
$85 per hour
Full-time developer packages
$500/M to $2,100/M
Development by the hour

Can’t find what you are looking for? Drop us a line to see if we can help. We respond to inquires within 1 business hour!