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Coded Minds (Startups #20)

By December 9, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to Startups. Technology is evolving so quickly these days that it seems companies invent and innovate new things almost on a daily basis. So how can you better prepare yourself for innovation and change?

Introducing Coded Minds. It is a technology-education startup that aims to revolutionize the paradigm of tech education. Coded Minds focuses on methods. It starts with identifying and analyzing the problem and then inculcates a practical, hands-on, project-based curriculum. The startup aims to focus on real-world issues and resolve them using technology and innovation. It is currently providing education to students of all ages in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the Americas. It believes that education is purpose driven. Its mission is to empower children and adults to be creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, and disruptive.

Coded Minds is an alternative education company with a bias towards technology and technology-linked subject matter, carefully updating itself on an ongoing basis with the latest digital trends in mind. The future Coded Minds alumni will cultivate proficiency in web, game, mobile, programming, and other e-business expertise. The company platform leverages data to provide project-based courses; long and short-term tracks for individuals as well as institutions, enabling its clients to learn from a variety of interactive classes.

“We are offering education coaching to students who are missing out on schooling because of the family’s financial difficulties and their parents’ inability to afford school fees. We believe that such an inability should not prevent any child from getting an education. This will be an alternative solution where we will undertake all efforts possible to ensure that each child is compensated for missing the cycle of education,” said Omar Farooqui, founder of Coded Minds.

With this, you and your children will be able to keep up and possibly shape the future of technology through Coded Minds. Don’t let age or your financial situation be a factor in your growth. 

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