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Carol Exercise Bike (In-Tech #19)

By December 1, 2021No Comments

YouTube Transcript

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Welcome to In-Tech. We have some bad news for you: The whole “I don’t have time for exercise” excuse won’t work anymore. Here’s why:

Introducing the new Carol Exercise Bike. Now you can get the same cardio benefits that come from a moderately paced, 45-minute jog in less than 9 minutes. Yes, nine minutes! The Carol, which stands for Cardiovascular Optimization Logic, is an AI-powered exercise bike that uses biometric data to create highly customized workouts. The Carol is a high-tech spinning bike for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that requires you to exercise for just nine minutes at a time. It’s a pleasure to ride, and it reacts in real time to your efforts to give you an optimized workout. 

The main workout lasts just 8 minutes, 40 seconds. If you do this workout three times a week, there is scientific proof that you will have achieved double the health and fitness gains of regular exercise in just eight weeks. It’s all about getting your workout over and done with as quickly as possible. The bike and routines are best for people who don’t have the time or desire to work out, or those who focus on a different exercise activity such as weightlifting or yoga, and want to quickly get in their cardio.

This innovative concept comes down to two key ideas: incorporating the latest sports science into your workouts, and what can only be summed up as the power of 40 seconds of hell. Serious exercise helps your muscles grow physically larger as they repair the little tears created in the fibers signaling to your body to store more of that muscle fuel to be available on demand. This kind of intense exercise can take two basic shapes: a long, continuous exercise period, or a short and intense period. Carol says these short workouts deliver the same benefits as a 45-minute run, and that completing just three intense rides a week for eight weeks has “been scientifically proven to deliver double the health and fitness gains of regular exercise.”

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