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Airgarage (Startups #8)

By June 22, 2021No Comments

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Welcome to Startups. Are you sick of paying insanely high prices for parking inside your university’s property or at work, while you pass by so many driveways that are sitting empty? Do you have a vacant lot that you don’t know what to do with? Today, we’ll be showing you how to find the perfect parking spot and turn your unused lots and driveways into money making assets.

Introducing AirGarage. AirGarage is the 21st century’s parking operator. It helps real estate owners monetize their parking assets. As a full-stack parking operator program, it handles everything; enforcement, operations, software, payment, and more.

AirGarage is a complete parking solution for enforcement, payment collection, visitor registration, and customer support. It is an all-software solution as well, with no install or setup fees. It works with your parking operation to automate everything from visitor registration to payments.

With AirGarage, it automatically adjusts prices according to market conditions and location, to maximize occupancy for your vacant lot. Payments go through a mobile payment process. That means no need for attendants and no cash ever goes missing. AirGarage provides you with real-time updates on each parking rental, making it easy to know what’s happening on your property. It has automated enforcement to ensure every driver pays in full. AirGarage is multifaceted with LPR cameras that scan each vehicle that enters through each access point. AirGarage also has local partners in the area that provide supplementary enforcement at peak times, to do away with violators.

AirGarage installs free signs that instruct the public to pay, and visitors to get free or discounted validation. By using a simple text message system, you have no hardware to maintain, and the system i s always online. Once the signs are up, your events are live, and your visitors are in the system, AirGarage starts utilizing enforcement sweeps. Once your dashboard is set up, your visitors are registered, and the public pays to park through the AirGarage, you’ll get weekly payouts directly to your bank account and live reports on your dashboard.

AirGarage gives users a cheaper alternative to paying for parking as well as creating a way for people with extra parking space to rent their space out for extra income.